Football Game v3.0

Football Management Game v3.0

Main difference is the structure has been changed to make most objects in the game a generic entity with attributes.
You can query an entities attribute by using a key/enum or string name. This allows writing generic code that will work on any type of game object.
For instance, a table class that displays certain attributes of a group of entities, if an attribute is not present in that particular entity then an error string is displayed in that table cell instead.
This avoids the use of templates and is still able to represent different game object types e.g table of players, table of clubs, table of “recently created game objects” ( “creation time” would be an entity attribute).

Note: Download is a 3.79meg zip file with .exe, font folder, irrlicht.dll, irrklang.dll and .pak file contained inside. 


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Match Editor v0.1

Match Editor v0.1

The Match editor will be used to generate football match events. Can add/remove referees, linesman, goalkeepers and players on a pitch as well as giving them move paths. Can play the finished scene within the editor as well as ouput the scene to xml file for the game engine to read in.

Multiplayer Module v0.1

Multiplayer Module v0.1

Using the RakNet library this module will allow clients to connect to a client/server multiplayer game. It uses TCP/IP for connection setup then switches to UDP once the game is setup.

Download zip file:

Note: “S” Key is used to shoot a projectile once the multiplayer game has started.

Match-3 Game – StarSoccerMatch

Football themed match-3 game, match shapes either horizontally or vertically to earn powerups or score goals. This was my first full game release.

Note: Download is a 2.4 meg zip file with an .exe and .pak file contained inside.

Also available for download at…

Football Game v2.0 using XML GUI layer

Second version of the football game. Main difference is the GUI being defined in an xml file rather than in code, this allows for real-time editing of any screen as oppose to Football Game v1.0 where any changes to the GUI where made in code and resulted in having to compile and make a new exe.

Note: Download is a 1 meg zip file with an .exe and .pak file contained inside. 


Football Game v1.0

First version of a football management game, can pick a team, view player profiles, competition tables and stats aswell as continuing to match days and playing a basic match.

Note: Download is a 600k zip file with the .exe and directory folders with files contained inside.